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Newsletter December 2017


It’s that time of year again! It doesn’t seem that long since we were distributing our Summer Newsletter and here we are with forecasts of poor weather. In a couple of

Summer 2017 Newsletter


You may remember that in our December 2016 Newsletter, we noted that one of our founder Trustees, Pat Baly had passed away. On a much brighter note, his son, Nigel has joined us as

Newsletter Summer 2016


Almost the end of July already but at least the sun is shining now! I imagine that we all thought a few weeks ago that it would be another wet-wet summer!

Newsletter December 2015


Here we are with our Newsletter once again. There’s been plenty happening so first, let’s tell you about our research work and how your money is being spent. First, protein control. Much has been happening

Newsletter Summer 2015


Here we are with more than half of the year gone so far! Where does the time go? We’ve had Wimbledon, the cricket is well under way, the football season starts soon and

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Well at least the sun is shining! We certainly needed something to pick us all up after England’s miserable performance in the world cup and then Andy Murray’s exit from Wimbledon, didn’t we?

Newsletter – December 2010


It doesn’t seem very long since our last Newsletter in the summer. Time flies these days and it’s not just the older folk who say so! A lot has happened since the summer- including