The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund


FOYS Christmas charity recording for our Fund!

FOYS Christmas charity recording for our Fund!

  Virginia Bates’ son, Will and his colleagues have arranged two recordings with accompanying videos featuring ALEX GIBNEY and DICK VALENTINE.     Sincere thanks to all the people involved. The singles are available for purchase on iTunes, all

Newsletter December 2013

Newsletter December 2013. We hope you are all well and everything is OK with you and your family. For various reasons and time restrictions, we were unable to send a Newsletter in July but hopefully this

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer

Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer. Time is of the essence when it comes to diagnosing pancreatic cancer. It’s easy to miss early indicators so it’s important to be aware of the symptoms. Having any or

Brazil nuts can help women cut pancreatic cancer risk

A recent article in the British Journal of Cancer has highlighted that research in America has shown that women who eat a handful (8 grams or 28 ounces) of Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans and

Hayley in Coronation Street has pancreatic cancer.

If you watch Coronation Street, you will know that Hayley, Roy’s wife, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.   The fact that pancreatic cancer is being featured will give this terrible illness some well needed publicity and