The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

Windsurfing around Britain in support of pancreatic cancer research!

jonathan-dunnettJonathan Dunnett will windsurf around Britain to support pancreatic cancer research!

Jonathan (Jono) Dunnett will be windsurfing around Britain between 13 June and 30 September 2015 in aid of our Fund. He’s 41 years old and has been windsurfing since aged 10.

At midday on June 7th 2015 he will windsurf from Clacton on the start of his bid to become the first person to windsurf around Britain without an on-water support team. It is expected that this solo windsurf mission will take up to 3 months to complete. Only three people have windsurfed around Britain (the mainland ‘big’ island of England, Scotland and Wales) and their circumnavigations were aided by yacht / powerboat support.
Why is Jono doing this? He says on his web site; “In 1998 a family who treated me as their own had their lives turned upside-down. Paco – a full-of-life and strong-as-an-ox builder – and father of two delightful little girls – was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The tragic reality of events unfolded. The cancer ate away at his body and this big man became small. Initially, Paco fought, and received treatment, but really there was nothing to be done. The haunted loneliness in Paco’s eyes is my last memory of this kind man.

By choosing this charity I feel like I am doing something, whilst at the time of this I could do nothing. By ‘doing it for Paco’ I’ll also find more strength when times get tough. And to those girls, now grown up, it’s a way of saying ‘your father is not forgotten’.

If you wish to donate to the RBPCRF visit Jono’s fundraising page –

Alongside our Fund, Jono is also supporting Tanzanian Orphans and Widows (STOW), a registered charity founded by a group of people in Suffolk in 2005. Its aim is to relieve the poverty and to advance the education of orphaned or vulnerable children.

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