The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

A significant breakthrough!

It’s always pleasing to hear good news about cancer- particularly pancreatic cancer, a most cruel illness. Our Fund was set up some 23 years ago and we’ve often given updates on the progress being made by the various research teams we support but now we can give details of some really fantastic results- that consistent and significant improvements in overall survival rates can be achieved by application of a bacterially derived substance combined with the drug gemcitabine.

For many years we have supported research into the effect which various combinations of drugs can have on pancreatic cancer cells and over the last few years have collaborated with Immodulon Therapeutics Ltd in this research. We are now extremely pleased to be able to enclose a copy of a press release giving details of this significant breakthrough in the treatment of pancreatic cancer- and hopefully also other cancers- as a result of the research.

To be honest, the press release is fairly technical for most of us but please don’t be put off! It’s worth reading and hopefully you will find it as informative as we have.

None of our research could have been carried out without the support of all of you, so please accept our sincere thanks for the part you have played in reaching such an important milestone!

The Trustees.
January 2015.

click the link below to read the full article…

RBPCRF Immodulon Press Release Jan 2015

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