The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

Our Fund.

The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is an independent charity with no links to any other pancreatic or medical research charity. We do not publish expensive brochures and do not advertise in national or local newspapers as we feel that spending charitable monies in this way is not what they were donated for.

We appreciate that such advertising increases awareness of things like medical conditions but with cost efficient media such as the internet, recommendations from existing donors and working with research teams in respected establishments, we can achieve our charitable aims just as effectively.

We do not bombard our donors with mail shots, telephone calls, emails etc., but prefer to treat them as part of our charitable “family”.   We do not aim to be controversial or to seek publicity at any cost.

These principles have supported us admirably for over 20 years and we intend to maintain them.    

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